CLIMATE CHANGE TERMINATED – Allan Yeomans on YouTube in 2010

This youtube clip from 2010 has Allan in conversation with his granddaughter Micky. As you can see from this video, all of Allan’s ideas about soil carbon sequestration were already being developed and refined at this point, and he explains the process clearly here. As for what happened since 2010? Well, he created the Yeomans […]

The Agricultural Solution to the Greenhouse Effect by Allan Yeomans (1990)

In 1990, Allan was invited to the Esalen Congress on Sustainable Agriculture, where he presented this paper entitled “The Agricultural Solution to the Greenhouse Effect”. This is the genesis of his work on the Yeomans Carbon Still and the associated methodology for measuring soil carbon sequestration. You can download the paper as a pdf document […]

Many Questions about Soil and the Carbon Economy

Listing some of the things I don’t yet understand about soil and the carbon economy: What happens to carbon when plants photosynthesize? I mean, I (sort of) get it, that they “breathe in” CO2, but then what? I’ve been imagining that they break the CO2 into oxygen (O2) and carbon (C) (how exactly?)- the oxygen […]


Morgan Way and Sam Doyon from Wayward Films produced this short video documentary about the Yeomans Carbon Still, soil carbon and its potential for mitigating global warming. The video includes discussion with inventor/designer Allan Yeomans, artist Lucas Ihlein, farmer Robert Quirk, Indigenous land manager Russell Logan, and carbon farming advocate Louisa Kiely. The doco is […]

A Field Trip to Niels Olsen’s Farm

I took Allan Yeomans to visit Niels’ farm, about 1.5 hours south east of Melbourne. Niels raises cattle and grows many different species creating a “salad bowl” of living plants for his cows – including peas, oats, rye corn, chicory, plaintain, tillage radish, vetch, and clover. Like Allan Yeomans, Niels is an inventor. In the […]